Q. If I make an order when can I expect delivery?
A. If you order before 12pm we will more than likely ship same day. If you live in a capital city there is a 95%+ chance you will receive your order the following day.

Q. Can I arrange to pick up my order?
A. Although we are an online shop pick ups can be arranged by appointment. We're pretty flexible with weekend and after hours pick ups possible, so just touch base.

Q. How did you get into selling gym equipment?
A. We've been mates for over 20 years and we saw a gap in the gym equipment space, particularly the back-to-basics barbells, dumbbells and bumper plates. When we say gap what we mean is we struggled to find a gym equipment company in Australia that offers fantastic Quality, fantastic Service at a fantastic Price. We found companies that could tick two out of those three, but failed to deliver on all three. We will strive to deliver you the top Quality, brilliant Service at a fair Price.

Q. What if what I want isn't on your website?
A. We primarily specialise in barbells, dumbbells and bumper plates however give us a call and we can have a chat. 

Q. So you're called Aussie Weights, are you really Aussie?
A. Truth be told - no. Joel is true blue, born and bred with Dutch heritage (hence the colours of our website) however poor old Chris is from across the pond. He's been here for nearly 30 years so he's NEARLY Aussie.